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Azmi Hadzid

From an active National swimmer for many years earlier, to a National athletic for few months as well as becoming very actively involved in most triathlon competition locally and regionally, I have diverted my most interest in cycling. Through my constant performances, I had the opportunity to compete in my first tour competition, which was Jelajah Malaysia 2011, followed by Tour of Thailand 2011 and Tour de Brunei 2011. Besides that, I had also participated and won in some of the local and regional cycling competitions, one being the recent Subuti Road Race Challenge 2012. Although my biggest focus right now is placed in my academic studies, I have not put cycling aside. Despite the workloads of pre-University, I am still fairly active in training period. What is more, I believe that through the newly Brunei based Continental Team (CCN Cycling Team), I will get the opportunity to improve myself in my cycling.